My name is Sheetal Vala and I am from Navsari, Gujarat. I am 41 years old, married and I have one daughter who is 12 years old. Today I am a confident woman beaming with positivity and high vibrations but that was not the case 4 years ago.

After the birth of my daughter in 2005, I was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disorder in the form of scleroderma, which affects not just the skin but also the vital organs of the body being progressive in nature. I was going through depression because my facial features had changed making me look ugly (or at least so I thought)…. I was on lot of medicines and my doctors said that there was no cure …. then we came to know about Possitive Life Self Transformation Clinic and we made an appointment to see the therapists. My life changed after that.

Chintan Deasi was my therapist and in our very first meeting he told me that I will be perfectly fine… I religiously took the required number of sessions with immense faith and my life started changing drastically right after the first session. Before I went for therapy, I looked and felt dull and unenthusiastic about life in general. But after starting therapy something within me started shifting to another dimension. I was positive about everything and every situation and the positivity only got stronger with time. My confidence and self esteem grew to the point that I had random strangers walking upto me and telling me that I carried positive vibrations. I am ever so grateful to Chintan for his help not just during therapy but even till this date. He is like a spiritual teacher, a guide … always there to help.

Thankyou Chintanbhai for chaging my life for good. I am a new person, better than before in every aspect.

Sheetal Vala
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Meeting Chiintanbhai, going through his analysis and taking his healing sessions have given a different direction to my life and have helped me to achieve my dreams and convert my thoughts into reality.

Hi, I am Rachna Agrawal, aged 43, from Indore. I am very thankful to my sister to have introduced me to him. My first meeting with Chiintanbhai was out of curiosity, as I am always looking for ways to enhance my life in all ways. And since I met him, he has become my mentor, my guide. His healing sessions have helped me a lot to overcome many hurdles in my thoughts and in turn, in my life. The best part of him is, unlike others, he does not instill any kind of fear in us nor he compells to come again and again for the same problem . Rather, he teaches us self- help, which in turn helps to gain victory over our fears and obstacles. Thank you Chiintanbhai for illuminating mu life path with your guidance and knowledge.

Rachna Agarwal
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My experience with Chintanbhai has been exhilarating. In just a few sessions, I felt a paradigm shift of energy and postitivity in my whole nervous system. After consulting him, my many past inhibitions had been cleared forever. I would highly recommend him to everyone who seeks change and transformation to lead a happy life.

Sagar Shah

Hello.. I m jinal Shah ..at the age of 29 I stated suffering from hypertension and Hormonal imbalance resulting with extreme mood swings and my nerves used to get numb oftenly.. with these issues i broke down emotionally too.. I had gone under allopathy and homeopathy treatments fr several times fr d same but it nvr turned up with satisfactory results..

I came in contact with Chintan Desai and Mikita desai in 2016..they are spiritually developed people and over flowing compassionate to heal the patient.. they have a unique ability to heal the person without medicines..

During consultation they analysed my handwriting nd I was amazed to know all that they told about me, my problems and the exact reasons of my problems just from my HW sample.

It is really fascinating to take a glance at this science that works from our handwriting towards life..
I got the best results by turning up with healing sessions because of the unique solutions they offer for the health problems that baffle even the best medics..they helped to innate ability to achieve a perfect state of balanced body ,mind and Spirit.. i strongly recommend sessions for physical, mental, emotional and over all well being of life. After having such a wonderful experience, i recommended many of close friends and relatives to approach them for creating a better life and today each one of them is thankful to me for showing them the correct path.

Jinal Shah

I am Niraj Desai from Valsad and I amthe one who is constantly in search of something that can make my life better and better in all the ways. My search took me to Chintanbhai 8 years back and in these 8 years my life has changed in all the ways. I have gone through his various sessions and every session of him has been helpful to me to open up new possibilities and phenomenal changes in life. His psychic abilities r amazing and his willingness to help people makes him a true healer.

In all those 8 years..I have referred him to more than 50 different people and almost each and every person is so thankful to me for being a medium of change into their lives. Sending people to Chintanbhai is what I consider as service to humanity.

My daughter of 15 had a severe Harmonal Imbalance. We had to give her medicines to stop her periods. Chintanbhai’s few sessions fixed up this problem 3 years back and till date there has never been any need for medicines. My son also used to consult him for his studies and his help has contributed towards my son’s success in his studies.

Chintanbhai’s sessions creates lots of ease in every aspect of life and so I personally feel that each and every person should take benefits of this.

Niraj Desai
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Year 2010 k andar me positive life aur chintan bhai k touch me aaya aur tab muje is graphology k baare me kuch bhi pata nahi tha magar jab inhone meri handwritings se personality ka analyst kiya tab pata chala ki humari handwritings kitna role play karti hai humari life me.

Aur humare sub-consious me kya positive aur negative hai ye writing se jana bhi ja sakta hai aur use change bhi kiya ja sakta hai.

Mene phir inse letter change ki practice bhi ki aur inse hypnotherapy k session bhi liye jis ka muje kaafi benifit hua aur sab se khas mere relationships aur nature me kaafi joyfulness aai .

Thinking mindset vision logo ko dekhne ka nazariya sab me change paya mene Aur mene mere kai know aur unknow jo mere touch me aaye unhe bhi suggest karta raha unki problem sunkar aur phir unhe bhi iske result mile ye jaankar muje aur bhi khushi hoti hai

Thanks to chintanbhai 😊😊🌹🌹

Dilip jain

सुख एवम सफलता किसे नही चाहिए ?
और उसके लिए कोन कार्यरत एवम प्रवृत्त नहीं होता ?
फिर ऐसा क्यों है कि सफलता कुछ ही चन्द गिनेचुने व्यक्तित्वकी ही दासी बनती है ?

मेरे मनमें भी यह अनुत्तरित प्रश्न रहते थे..जबतक में चिंतनभाई के पास मेरी दीदी की बेटी के लिए नहीं गया था।
पर उनसे मिलनेभरसे ही सारे रहस्य उजागर हो गए।
ये बात सच है कि सुख और सफलता हम सबको चाहिए , परन्तु उसके लिए हक़ीक़तमे क्या करना चाहिए ये हमें मालूम नहीं होता है।
चिंतनभाई को जब मिला तो उन्होंने हमारे जीवनके उन पहलुओंको उजागर किया जो हम न जानते थे ना कभी जान पाते ।
जबकि उन्होंने बस हमारी हैंडराइटिंग देखते ही जैसे हमारी जीवनकी किताब पढ़ रहे हो ऐसे बड़ी सहजता से हमारी खामियों एवम खूबियों को हमारे सामने विस्तार सह बयान कर दिया।
बादमें हिप्नोसिस एवम सिग्नेचर करेक्शन की प्रैक्टिस करवाते हुए हमारी खामियों को निर्मूलन करते हुए ( tense to zero ) हमारी खूबियों को उजागर किया जो की हम स्वप्रयत्न से कभी नहीं कर पाते।
जो रोग ही नही मालूम हो उसका इलाज ही कैसे करेंगे।

चिंतनभाई ने न केवल हमारे रोग को समजा और समजाया बल्की हमारा जीवन कैसे सुखमय हो और सफलता कैसे हमेशा हमारे कदम चूमे उसकी मास्टर की हमे थमा दी।
आज जो हमारी लाइफ में खुशियां है उसमें परमात्मा के बाद चिंतनभाई का बड़ा सहयोग रहा।
में और मेरी niece दिलसे चिंतनभाई को धन्यवाद करते है ।

जिग्नेश अग्रवाल
दीपी अग्रवाल


Sharing here some life changing experiences that I experienced when I met Chintanbhai at his clinic and am blessed to have come in contact with him.

One can know everything about one’s life, relations, likes, dislikes, energy of the house n much more through handwriting analysis – – experienced this awesome reality with acute precision in my first meeting with Chintanbhai.

In the sessions that follows , the way he can catch your thoughts racing through your subconscious mind and guide your thinking for the desired result is again unbelievably awesome n precise.

Once you come in contact with him, irrespective of everything, he is always there to guide you through the darkness to light. He is one such genuine person that he even guides you through messages n phone calls, never thinking about his fees.

One more experience that I would like to share is that when I started the first session, my face had a dull look with dark circles under the eyes, but after the session – there was a glow on my face which was visible to all.

Thank you Sir for always being there for me.

Thanking you with much gratitude, much respect and love. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Parul Mehta.

“Start each thing with the positive thought“ this is something new I learnt from my treatment from Chintan sir and his therapy . I was a person who use to overthink situations , over evaluate things , pple … due to which I was dumped in pile of the unnecessary thoughts from which he got me out and made my head and heart feel as light as feather … After my last session I remember me waking up smiling n he saying this is all he wanted me to do without any reason … Still I fail him many times but at that moment somehow it’s managed only by discussing with him … So I am back to track by overcoming all negative aspects around me 😊


I m Hiten gala from Valsad.

After doing sessions I feel lots of changes in my routine life. Improve level of my confidence. Help to forget my bad memories that I was holding since long. It help me in my business too. It gave me lot of mental peace.

One thing also I want to share, because of sessions I can write this.

Thank you Chintanbhai.

Hiten Gala

Hello sir,

It’s been more than 5 years since I met you first at the POSITIVE LIFE..I must say it’s been remarkable journey.every session with u has been truly amazing.we always talk about keeping our mind clear and open to anything and everything.thats when u can take best decision.thats when u feel the moment and stay in the present.your every single session brought me to that mindset.after some years spending with you and POSITIVE LIFE I can actually now stay in that mindset for more longer.its like once you get to know that ZONE you want to stay more and more there.that zone I came to understand after those sessions with you.it takes years and years for people to understand this ZONE and I am lucky enough to experience it at such a young age due to you and positive life.i am so much grateful to you for that.

Thanking you sir
Bhargav Merai

I was gng through some kind of allergy since quite a time..which was affecting my body wid rashes n itching,then i consulted Chintan desai.With his advice n sessions it got completly cured.

Archie Shah

Chintan bhai is a person who is always ready to help people in all the ways with his different skills. His analysis and diagnosis is very precise & perfect. His sessions help us a lot to overcome any situation in life. Once my son was afraid to appear in his Social Studies exams, I call Chintanbhai at night and he talked to my son, he did some verbal clearings on PHONR and my son was so relaxed. I am so grateful for that. Chintan bhai’s numerology and colour analysis is precise. His knowledge of Astrology is also awesome. He has even done geopathic vaastu at my residence. My entire family consults him regularly and we constantly experience changes in our life. I feel so relaxed just by talking to him.

Lalit Jain


This is Dr. Viren patel from valsad. I had an issue of low self esteem and low self confidence since long due to my childhood problems.

I was searching a solution for it. One day I found POSITIVE LIFE website on internet and had seen many positive reviews .I contacted Chintan for my problem, before I explain anything he discovered all problems from my handwriting, signature & drawing with help of GRAPHOLOGY. I was just amazed at this beautiful science of diagnosis.

He advised me changes in some specific letter and signature. He advised me to follow energy healing session for quick results.

I exactly did as he told me , and I got the results. I am more confident now then before.

I really thanks to Chintan Desai for this wonderful help.

Thank you

Dr. Viren Patel

Chintan Bhai , I came to you in 2011 for issues of relationship with in laws. They got resolved over a period of time . Mainly with help of the chakra s by the sessions on understanding chakra and the voice msg for clearing the issue s with them.

I recommend people to visit him because in other systems of meditation , or various pathys they will guide as to your problem areas, but they don’t recommend the tool s to overcome those weaknesses.

Jenny Khatri

It’s been a turning point of my life having taken the sessions from chintan sir… the sessions have proved to be the life changing one.. I really like the approach of sir of explaining everything in detail and then proceeding with the hypnotherapy…. One more good aspect is that they are ready to help us whenever we are in need.. Thank you so much sir for everything

Saloni Arora
98796 76181

Hi this is Dishant Shah . I have had a few sessions with Chintan Desai and my experience was amazing. He helped me a lot change my life for good. I still follow the things he taught me and still my life goes as smooth as it can. Thanks a lot doc for helping me out it means a lot.

Dishant Shah

experience with positive life and sessions with chintan sir has had a tremendous effect on me and my flow of thoughts.his guidance has made me more affirmative about the way i shuld create awareness and be open to wat the universe has to offer.i really thank him for helping me out.

Riddhi Shah

Hi this is Sameer Popat from Valsad ,

I’m super blessed to be a part of this family.

I really thank God and my friend who introduce me to chintan desai.

It was amazing meeting him.

Back in mid 2015 i met him with lots of problems and messed up life . I started following him . And started taking hypnosis sessions from Chintan desai . Its a mind blowing experience. After taking almost 15 sessions in abt one and a half year i realized a major change in my life. Everything turning in my favour in positive manner. I had some health problems which got ok. My financial conditions got smooth . I started enjoying a stress-free life . What else you want . In short there is a tremendous change in my life and there are no words to thank him .

” Believe in miracles , they do happen ”

Sameer Popat

One of the most life changing experiences I have had, is without doubt the sessions with Chintan uncle. I have clearly seen the difference between my state of mind before and after taking the sessions. My outlook to the same situation changed so immensely that gradually my life started taking a change for the positive. The impact of these sessions is so subtle and on the subconscious level, that you see immediate results. My attitude and my whole personality started changing, my outlook to the world and the situations have totally changed. I felt like a totally different person after just a couple of sessions. The same situation which used to bother me so much, just happened again and passed by, and I was so surprised and thrilled to notice that it really didnt bother me at all. And once it stopped bothering me, the situations started changing.

I owe a major part of who I am now, and I what I am evolving to, to these sessions. This has taught me how one little incident can be saved so much so on your mind that it starts affecting every emotion, every reaction and every response; creating a ripple effect of the same incident. These sessions helped me in clearing those blocked thoughts and has changed my life ever since.

I am thankful and grateful to have been able to experience this so early in my life. I know and I can feel the difference in myself. I am just a better version of myself now. Thank you for all your help and guidance ever since.


Before the session I wondered what would it be like? How is it possible? And a lot of questions but after the session. All my questions had been answered. The answer was very simple, it was: everything is empty. Genuinely it was difficult to understand what had actually happened. All Gone I Felt empty. I felt light within, the heavy weight weighing me down had disappeared. One of the best things after the session is I learnt How things can be created for others,myself and my family. I just have a desire for something and I get it

All thanks to Chintanbhai and his sessions.

Dr. Dobani

Taking hypnotherapy sessions frm Chintan sir has always proved beneficial to me .sessions has always solved my problems in n my personal or professional life.his therapy is like magic which solves all are problems.thanks

Rajiv Arora