The energy of our house and workplace contribute a lot towards our overall well being and even financial success.
Self Transformation deals with this energy with 3 different methods.

MAHAVASTU, a deeper and advance method of Vedic vastu is used to get maximum benefits of the magnetic fields of various directions. Mahavastu considers 16 different directions and 32 different zones. Specific use of correct zone helps to achieve benefits of that zone.

GEOPATHIC VASTU is used to determine and nullify the negative effects of Geopathic stress that comes from mother earth.

The process of HOME CONSECRATION is a simple and Vedic method to make our place sacred by cleaning the negative energy of thought forms, emotional forms and even spirit energies that are created or present in the space. Once these energies are cleared using this method, the entire feeling of that premises changes and the people living in it feel much lighter and happier. It’s very important to clean our spaces at regular intervals to stay in a clean and healthy space for our well being.