Logo Analysis and Re-Designing

Just as your Signature tells everything about you to a hand writing analyst, your business logo can tell everything about your esteemed organisation to an expert logo analyst. Logos have a certain sub conscious effect of the person’s mind who is looking at it. The Graphics, Fonts and Colour…everything has a certain subconscious effect. Getting a detailed analysis of logo, the entrepreneur can have lot of awareness about the hurdles in business. This in turn helps the entrepreneur to take necessary effective steps or frame new policies to succeed in business.

Logos should be changed at regular intervals as the goals of the entrepreneur/company/market conditons change. A Logo should be in accordance with all practical aspects of business and goals of the company for the company to flourish in the market.

We design Logos, Business Cards and Packaging Designs on the principals of Graphology and Human psychology. Every logo has a certain subconscious effect on the person who is looking at it. If the Logo succeeds in giving the exact subconscious message it becomes easier for that company to grow consistently or gain stability in the market.

A change in logo brings a change in the way people perceive the company, it’s products and services.

It is very important for every company to have a technically correct logo to create its brand image in the market and succeed easily.