The science of Handwriting Analysis is known as Graphology.

Writing is a subconscious act. While writing the vibration pattern of the brain cells get imprinted on the paper in the form of writing through nervous system. Handwriting Analysis is an interpretation of these sub conscious patterns.

It is a 100% scientific tool to interpret a persons personality, nature, character, strenghts, weaknesses and core reasons of all psychological disorders and physical ailments.

This tool of diagnosis helps the writer to gain more awareness about himself and about the reasons of every problem of his life.

  • It is used to check compatibility of two people before getting into any alliance and relationship.
  • It is being used by multi national companies for recruitment purpose.
  • It is used by Forensic Department to detect forgery and solve criminal cases.
  • It is very helpful to understand child psychology.
  • Choosing the correct Career option becomes very easy by Handwriting Analysis.
  • It helps to create more harmony in all relationships by knowing the partner in a better way through the interpretation if his hand writing.
  • Handwriting reveals the exact reasons of failure which can be overcome by using other different modalities to achieve success.