Aura Cleaning and Chakra Balancing Session

The Biomagnetic field around our physical body is our Aura. This magnetic field around the body is created by the electrical charge we create in the body by our Thoughts and Emotions.

Negative thoughts and Emotions contaminate the electrical charge of the body and this effects the nature of the magnetic field (Aura) outside our body. Apart from our own thoughts & feelings, the aura is contaminated by the energy of various spaces we visit and even by coming in contact with a diseased person’s aura. This contaminted energy blocks of the aura body is removed using different methods of cleaning.

Chakras are subtle energy centres which are formed at the intersection points of 2 Nadis, Ida & Pingla. The energy of every chakra effects all 4 aspects of life….Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. The client faces various kinds of problems corresponding to the damaged chakra.

The chakra is damaged due to excess negative emotions, negative thoughts and even foreign energies. Once these chakras are thoroughly cleaned, energised and balanced, the client experiences shift in every aspect of life corresponding to that chakra. Regular cleaning of Aura and Chakra helps to have harmony and growth in every aspect of life.