About Us

Self Transformation basically facilitates every individual to create a better life and living.

After knowing various life sciences and perceiving them in many different ways, we at Self Transformation conclude that our reality is our own creation, either conscious or unconscious. The only key to success….rather happiness is conscious living. All miseries of life is actually ones unconscious creation.

We use different tools of personality assessment to create awareness in our clients about their personality, nature, behaviour, strengths, weaknesses and the root cause of their existing reality. Once the client validates our analysis, we than use different methods to eradicate the root cause. This helps the clients to not only solve their issues of life at the root level but also have awareness to not create them again.

The therapy sessions are always a combination of hands on processes and empowerment sessions through counselling. Therapy sessions heals the life and Empowerment sessions create awareness to facilitate SELF REALISATION.

The owner of Self Transformation Mr. Chintan Desai started his journey way back in 2002 as an energy healer. After healing Thousands of people, he took up the course of Clinical Hypnotherapy. During his years of learning, as he was an intense meditator, was guided by his spirit guides and masters. This divine guidance helped him to evolve differently and he started sharing his insights for the betterment of people. He has successfully worked with more than 5000 people in last 15 years and has solved almost all sorts of Mental Disorders like stress, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, behavioral disorders foreign energy influences and even medically incurable and terminal physical ailments and diseases just by doing different types of energy healing sessions. His therapies being drug-less, have no side effects. Apart from health issues, he has helped more than 2500 people to create harmonious relationships and improve their financial realities.

Self Transformation doesn’t deal only with patients, it is actually a place for every person who dreams for a better life in every aspect.