The BETTER you become the BETTER your life becomes.

We facilitate towards creating awareness in you by using drugless therapies and empowerment sessions. Our motto is to help you to Evolve in a different way to bring a change in all your realities.

Clinical Hypnosis

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Past Life Regression

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Energy Healing

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Handwriting Analysis

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  • Meeting Chintanbhai, going through his analysis and taking his healing sessions have given a different direction to my life and have helped me to achieve my dreams and convert my thoughts into reality.
    Rachna Agarwal


  • My experience with Chintanbhai has been exhilarating. In just a few sessions, I felt a paradigm shift of energy and postitivity in my whole nervous system. After consulting him, my many past inhibitions had been cleared forever. I would highly recommend him to everyone who seeks change and transformation to lead a happy life.
    Sagar Shah


  • Before the session I wondered what would it be like? How is it possible? And a lot of questions but after the session. All my questions had been answered. The answer was very simple, it was: everything is empty. Genuinely it was difficult to understand what had actually happened. All Gone I Felt empty. I felt light within, the heavy weight weighing me down had disappeared. One of the best things after the session is I learnt How things can be created for others,myself and my family. I just have a desire for something and I get it.
    Dr. Dobani


  • I owe a major part of who I am now, and I what I am evolving to, to these sessions. This has taught me how one little incident can be saved so much so on your mind that it starts affecting every emotion, every reaction and every response; creating a ripple effect of the same incident. These sessions helped me in clearing those blocked thoughts and has changed my life ever since.
  • I have had a few sessions with Chintan Desai and my experience was amazing. He helped me a lot change my life for good. I still follow the things he taught me and still my life goes as smooth as it can. Thanks a lot doc for helping me out it means a lot.
    Dishant Shah


June 14, 2018

Beginning of something new

Chintan Desai, an alternate medicine practitioner, who co-founded Possitive Life 7 years ago is now coming up with a new brand- Self Transformation. Self Transformation